Volume LV (2022), Issue 2

The True Knowledge (γνῶσις ἀληθής) in Adversus Haereses (4.33.8) of St. Irenaeus [pdf]

Deacon Zdravko Jovanović

pages: 211-234

Fifty-Fourth Cathedral Homily of Severus of Antioch: Introduction, Syriac Text, and Translation Into Serbian [pdf]

Boško M. Erić

pages: 235-282

The Importance of the Karlovci Theological Seminary in Cultivating and Improving the Serbian Chant [pdf]

Predrag Đoković

pages: 283-306

Museological and Liturgical Context of the Icon and Sacral Objects [pdf]

Nun Fotina (Badrkić)

pages: 307-324

In vitro Fertilization from the Aspect of Philosophical and Christian Ethics [pdf]

Sanja Nikolić

pages: 325-342

On the Study of Ecclesiastical Law in Russian Theological Academies and the Significance of Russian Schools of Theology in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries through the Lens of an Interbellum Polemic [pdf]

Branko Radovanović

pages: 343-358

The Bitola Inscription: A New Reading [pdf]

Žarko B. Veljković

pages: 359-378

Stefan Alkier / Ioan Dumitru Popiu (Hrsg.), unter Mitarbeit von Alena Schulz, Wunder in evangelischer und orthodoxer Perspektive [pdf]

Predrag Dragutinović

pages: 379-383

Bojan Miljković, Miracle-Working Icon in Byzantium [pdf]

Deacon Slaviša Tubin

pages: 383-386

Answered Questions: Vladimir Kolarić, Christianity and Art [pdf]

Jelena Kalajdžija

pages: 386-389

A New Contribution to the Study of Mutual Relations between Religion and Politics: Miroljub Jevtić, Politics was born from Religion [pdf]