Milovan Parezanović

Suffering of Serbian Bishops in First World War

pages: 317-336


Information on the suffering of bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, who were tortured and killed by the Bulgarian and Austro-Hungarian armies during the First World War, are unified in this paper. From the data obtained from research work and from the literature that provides insights into the history and personality of the Serbian Orthodox Church, we can get a general impression of the fact that, even in the absence of oversimplifying the truth, the highest church hierarchy equally shared the martyrous path with its Serbian people during the First World War.

The Hierarchs that are mentioned here are: Metropolitan of Serbia Dimitrije Pavlović, Metropolitan of Skopje Vićentije Krdžić, Metropolitan of Peć Gavrilo Dožić, Bishop of Niš Dositej Vasić, Bishop of Šabac Sergije Georgijević, Bishop of Veles and Debar Varnava Rosić, retired Metropolitan of Raška and Prizren Nićifor Perić.



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