Slavoljub Lukić

Epistle to Diognetus and Ivan Stojković

pages: 285-296


The text entitled Epistle to Diognetus, which none of the Church Fathers mentions, and which no mediaeval writer cites, represents by its content a shorter apologetic work written by an unknown Christian writer from the middle or the second half of 2nd century. But whoever was the writer, we can conclude that in his short text he put forward a brilliant apology and exposition of the Christian faith. Epistle to Diognetus was accidentally found by the Italian, Tomasso d’ Arezzo at a market in Constantinople, who gave it as a present to Ivan Stojković who, as an envoy of the Council of Basel, was staying in Constantinople at the same time. Ivan Stojković, a Dubrovnik man born and bred, was a great western theologian, perhaps even the greatest Catholic theologian of his time, who was appointed cardinal by Antipope Felix V. Before his death, Ivan Stojković left the Epistle to Diognetus as a legacy to Dominican Library in Basel. The manuscript burned during the Prussian bombing of the city in 1870 but was nonetheless preserved owing to its first edition in Paris in 1592.



272-732.2-722.52 Стојковић И.

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