Slaviša Tubin

The Liturgical Role of Praecepta Militaria, the Importance of Military Clergy and Worship in the Byzantine Idea of the Holy War in the Time of Nikephoros II Phokas (10th century)

pages: 85-98


Emperor Nikephoros II Phokas was devotee in the ascetic practice and loyal to his spiritual teacher At­hanasius the Athonite. Phokas Praecepta Militaria show us the liturgical aspects in military services and monastic influences. Byzantium viewed itself as New Israel, and Ro­mans considered their wars to be fights against sins of Ha­garenes. The main preoccupation of military priests and worship in the army was moral purity for the favor of God in war. Fasting and the Eucharists with element of Lords Prayer was the central part of the spiritual discipline pre­scribed by Precepta Militaria.



321.62:929 Нићифор II Фока


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