Bogoljub Šijaković

The Soul’s Path to Purity and Freedom: About Metropolitan Amfilohije

pages: 9-24


The intellectual work of Metropolitan Amfilohije is extre­mely extensive (dozens of books and hundreds of articles in several lan­guages) and very diverse, not only as a theological, philosophical, scien­tific­research, literary, and translation work, but in a special way when it comes to the disciplinary structure of theology. From the standpoint of the epistemic foundation and justification of the opinion and actions of Metropolitan Amfilohije, his three fundamental starting points could be singled out. First, the personal experience of faith as the experience of a personal God in life and history. Secondly, in the spirit of the anthropo­logical orientation of modern European thought, his theological thought starts from the triadology from which Christology originates and then from this anthropology (or theanthropology), so that anthropology got not only its foundation but also a certain purpose. Third, through the prism of Christologically based anthropology, he approaches the problems of modernity and then interprets the devastating position of man today (conditio humana) in contrast to man’s destiny, to what man could be and what he should be in the normative sense, namely how to be not just an individual but a person.


271.2-1 Амфилохије, црногорско-приморски митрополит

271.222(497.11)-722.51:929 Амфилохије, црногорско-приморски митрополит

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