Volume LIV (2021), Issue 1

The Soul’s Path to Purity and Freedom: About Metropolitan Amfilohije [pdf]

Bogoljub Šijaković

pages: 9-24

The Gospel of Peter. An Introduction and Translation of the Akhmim Codex into the Serbian Language [pdf]

Predrag Dragutinović

pages: 25-38

Unphilosophical Philosophy of Time — Another Review of Oscar Cullman’s Нeilsgeschichte [pdf]

Stefan Jovanović

pages: 39-54

Boniface’s Missionary and Reformist Activity in Western Europe [pdf]

Miloš Mišković

pages: 55-84

The Liturgical Role of Praecepta Militaria, the Importance of Military Clergy and Worship in the Byzantine Idea of the Holy War in the Time of Nikephoros II Phokas (10th century) [pdf]

Slaviša Tubin

pages: 85-98

The Relations of the Nemanjić Dynasty to Roman Catholic Hierarchy [pdf]

Nikola Ilić

pages: 99-128

Serbian Orthodox Church and Clergy in Bosanska Krajina (from the Land Registration Law to the beginning of the Rebellion 1859–1875) [pdf]

Bratislav Teinović

pages: 129-148

The Phenomenon of Diaspora in the Context of Changes and Connections Between Different Cultural Environments [pdf]

Damjan S. Božić

pages: 149-162

Religious Education in Serbia: The Period from the Formation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes to the Beginning of the Second World War [pdf]

Marko Trajković

pages: 163-178

Political and Moral Responsibility of the Church in Contemporary Society: A Call for Transf ormation, or A Call for Heroic Endeavor? [pdf]

The Chester Beatty Papyri [pdf]

Mark Edwards, Aristotle and Early Christian Thought [pdf]

Milan Kostrešević

pages: 215-218

Runar M. Thorsteinsson, Jesus as Philosopher: The Moral Sage in the Synoptic Gospels [pdf]

Milan Kostrešević

pages: 219-222