Vladimir Đurić, Vasilije Marković

Limitation of Freedom of Religion in Conditions of the Pandemia: Case of Montenegro

pages: 761-786


The crisis caused by the COVID- 19 pandemic has brought up many health, legal, socioeconomic and geopolitical concerns and uncertainties. The authors attempt to answer one, so far rarely treated, narrow legal question — the exercise of freedom of religion in its collective aspect in the conditions of pandemia. With offering the wider picture (justification) of securitization as a state response to the emerging danger, the central point of work remains a problem where medicine, law and theology are interwined. The answer to the question of whether, at a time of de facto or de jure state of emergency, freedom of religion and especially its collective aspect can be restricted, and what a restrictive measure it must (not) be to satisfy the proportionality requirement under the proportionality test, the authors will offer on the example of regulation of this issue in Montenegro.




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