Branko Radovanović

The Intentional Misreading of Ideas of Saint Sava’s Cult During the 1930s as Having Fundamentalist and Rationalist Tendencies

pages: 711-722


In the period of the 1930s, ideas of Svetosavlje were built and grounded upon the cult of Saint Sava, that had spanned all throughout our history, as a comprehensive idea and the very essence of orthodoxy among Serbs. Seeking to discover the entirety of Saint Sava’s legacy, the Serbian elite of both the theological and secular kind, studiously analyses what the term “Svetosavlje” encompasses and unifies within itself. The contact of Saint Sava’s cult with the political, social and cultural environment of those times had the consequence of the intentional misreading of certain tendencies and thoughts as being, what we could call, fundamentalist and rationalist. Of course, these tendencies were met with sharp criticism by the theological and secular intelligentsia of the time, who saw in the idea of Svetosavlje a resurrectional path of orthodoxy and search for an essence of identity that concerned not only Serbians, but also the entirety of the ecumene.




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