Andrej Jeftić

‘Altar more wondrous even than this which we now use’ St John Chrysost ome and Care for the Neighbour

pages: 637-650


The paper analyzes the image used by St John Chrysostom in his interpretation of 2Cor. 9: 15, in which he compares the poor with the church altar. The overview provided herewith of the Christian history of the references of the term ‘poor’ (πτωχός) and his/her role in the life of the Church, provides the context for understanding Chrysostom’s analogy and his particular rhetorical and practical relationship with this social category. Within the interpretation of the theological implications of his position in the present context, some responses are offered to the challenges which the faithful are facing caused by the pandemic of the disease caused by the coronavirus and the accompanying restrictions in the life of worship.


27-18 Јован Златоусти, свети

27-46 Јован Златоусти, свети


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