Volume LIII (2020), Issue 3

Tatian the Syrian and His Place in the Development of Christian Theology [pdf]

Aleksandar Đakovac

pages: 605-636

‘Altar more wondrous even than this which we now use’ St John Chrysost ome and Care for the Neighbour [pdf]

Andrej Jeftić

pages: 637-650

Priesthood in Mesopotamia [pdf]

Aleksandar M. Obradović

pages: 651-686

Western Church in the Post-Imperial Period (476–526) [pdf]

Stefan Zeljković

pages: 687-710

The Intentional Misreading of Ideas of Saint Sava’s Cult During the 1930s as Having Fundamentalist and Rationalist Tendencies [pdf]

Branko Radovanović

pages: 711-722

The Kyiv Theological Seminary in 1947–1960: A Brief Introduction to Further Study [pdf]

Mitrophan Bozhko

pages: 723-742

The Relationship between the Church and the State in Montenegro from 1997 until Present [pdf]

Vladica Todorović

pages: 743-760

Limitation of Freedom of Religion in Conditions of the Pandemia: Case of Montenegro [pdf]

A Brief Historical Review of the Meaning and Role of the Term ἀρχή in Cosmology [pdf]

Siniša Simić

pages: 787-810

What does the toponym Vizantija stand for in the Life of Saint Sava by Domentian [pdf]

Žarko B. Veljković

pages: 811-814

Plato and Stoa in Hippolytus’ Theology [pdf]

Church — A Vision of True Love [pdf]

Živko Miša Jakšić

pages: 821-826

A Few Remarks on the Study of the Bishop Nicholai Velimirović’s Legacy [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 827-832

Darko Tomašević, Life, People and Customs in the Bible [pdf]

Predrag Dragutinović

pages: 832-833

Peer Reviewers of the Theological Views in the Year of 2020 [pdf]

page: 834