Slavoljub I. Lukić

Contribution of Orthodox Religious Education to the Educational Process in Bosnia and Herzegovina

pages: 403-418


Since its return to the school system in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1991 and to date, Orthodox religious education has striven towards full integration into the educational system and making a contribution to its development. The general and special goals of Orthodox religious education are not only for students to get acquainted and acquire religious contents, but to stimulate moral and cultural- social development of young personalities too, whereby socially acceptable norms of behaviour are developed which guide and prepare them for the next level of maturing and growing up. Likewise, these goals amend the aims and tasks of the primary education on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and significantly contribute to their realisation. Contents of the Orthodox religious education facilitate the correlation with other subjects, thus creating an “enriched correlation of teaching contents” in languages, history, geography, biology, music, visual arts, etc. In this way the student is encouraged to use knowledge to acquire beliefs and convictions which will lead to the prevention and annihilation of the negative and destructive, thereby building the good and useful, which is the basis for the progress of a society.




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