Volume LIII (2020), Issue 2

St. Hippolytus of Rome: Contra Noetum [pdf]

Aleksandar Đakovac

pages: 333-352

Egyptian Priesthood [pdf]

Aleksandar M. Obradović

pages: 353-382

Narrative Analysis and Holy Scripture — Example of the Sinai Pericope (Ex. 19–24) — [pdf]

Jovan Blagojević

pages: 383-402

Contribution of Orthodox Religious Education to the Educational Process in Bosnia and Herzegovina [pdf]

Slavoljub I. Lukić

pages: 403-418

Ethnophyletism and Religious Extremism [pdf]

Sava Milovanović

pages: 419-440

Nikolai Berdyaev as an Interpreter of the Philosophy and Religion of Dostoevsky [pdf]

Nenad D. Plavšić

pages: 441-478

А Word about Raskolnikov [pdf]

Dušan V. Banjeglav

pages: 479-496

Miraculous Icons of All-Holy Theotokos in Monastery of Vojlovica [pdf]

Lazar Ljubić

pages: 497-512

A Contribution to the Research of the Serbian-Russian Athonite Relations: The Closeness of Bishop Nicholai Velimirovich with Elder Silouan, Archimandrite Sophrony and other Russian Monks from Athos [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 513-554

Why the Science Necessarily Leads to God [pdf]

Venko Andonovski

pages: 555-566

Confessional Autopoetics of Radinko Krulanović [pdf]

Damjan Ćulafić

pages: 567-572

Nikolaos Loudovikos, Analogical Identities: The Creation of the Christian Self: Beyond Spirituality and Mysticism in the Patristic Era [pdf]

Slaviša Kostić

pages: 573-581

Исправка година излажења ранијих бројева Теолошких погледа [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 582-583

Corrections regarding Previous Volumes of Theological Views [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 584-585