Ana Mlađenović, Marko Čajković

A Contribution to the Interpretation of Nietzsche’s Ideas from a Christian Perspective

pages: 241-256


Philosophy is a field of human expertise where a common consensus of nearly every expert is exceedingly rare to find, however, a large number of said experts agrees that Friedrich Nietzsche is, in principle, an anti- Christian philosopher. Upon reading his sporadic writings on Christianity, it becomes crystal clear where such a sentiment arises. It would be, in principle, incorrect to state that such an attitude is unjustified, for strong, blatant rhetoric present in „Anti- Christ“ and „The Gay Science“ doesn’t leave much room for interpretation from a more favorable perspective.

The purpose of this paper is precisely the desire to test the validity of such a possibility. Was Nietzsche, after all, a fervent hater of everything Christian, or just a brutally direct critic, the sort that doesn’t use euphemisms, and instead philosophizes the best he can — with a hammer, that is, a direct, hard-hitting word?


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