Vukoman Milenкović

Understanding of Natural Theology in the Work of E. L. Mascall

pages: 221-240


The Paper deals with some contributions of E. L. Mascall in the field of natural theology. After some preliminary conceptual remarks, the author goes on to explore some of the fundamental notions and discussions relevant for the clear review of Mascalls cosmological argument. Although the author shows where he thinks that the argument goes astray, his main concern is to show that the argument presupposes two very different kinds of philosophical reasoninig — namely, one that is bound up to some sort of phenomenology or even existentialism and the other that is done in the classical „analytic“ mode of doing metaphysics. In the concuding section, the author offers a simple analysis of the argument by trying to reformulate its claim in a sentence of propositional logic.


141.4 Маскал. Е. Л.

273-4-21 Маскал. Е. Л.

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