Volume LIII (2020), Issue 1

Marcellus of Ancyra: A Letter to Pope Julius and Fragments 42, 48 and 113 from Contra Asterium [pdf]

Aleksandar Đakovac

pages: 9-18

Saint Paul’s Theology of New Creation [pdf]

Porfirije Perić

pages: 19-34

Good Works and Their Place in the Process of Personal Salvation According to the Theological Views of St Peter Mogila, the Metropolitan of Kyiv (1596–1646) [pdf]

Mitrophan Bozhko

pages: 35-54

„Let the God See and Jugde“ Question of Addressed Anathemas from 1054. [pdf]

Nebojša Stevanović

pages: 55-68

St. Bernard of Tiron and His Reformed Benedictine Community – A Short Review [pdf]

Miroslav М. Popović

pages: 69-78

A Contribution to the Research of Serbian- Russian Church Relations: The Connection of the Serbian Hierarchy with the Orthodox Church Mission in India during the 1930’s, With Special Reference to the Plausible Role of Bishop Nicholai Velimirović [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 79-128

Contextualized Reality of One Painting on the Example of the Bishop Sergius of Kirovograd’s Portrait [pdf]

Goran M. Janićijević

pages: 129-144

The Macedonian Schism — The Relationship of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Ohrid and the Macedonian Orthodox Church [pdf]

Tomislav A. Lunić

pages: 145-160

Religious Education in Secular Society — One Aspect of Human Rights [pdf]

Marko Trajković

pages: 161-174

The Psychological and Theological Assump tions of Religious Fundamentalism Phenomenon [pdf]

Aleksandar R. Jevtić

pages: 175-192

Moral Justification of Abortion [pdf]

Siniša Simić

pages: 193-220

Understanding of Natural Theology in the Work of E. L. Mascall [pdf]

Vukoman Milenкović

pages: 221-240

A Contribution to the Interpretation of Nietzsche’s Ideas from a Christian Perspective [pdf]

Humanism in the Christian Philosophy of Nikolai Berdyaev [pdf]

Nenad D. Plavšić

pages: 257-284

Мемоарска поезија Драгана Лакићевића [pdf]

Damjan Ćulafić

pages: 285-288

Maren R. Niehoff, Philon von Alexandria. Eine intellektuelle Biographie [pdf]

Predrag Dragutinović

pages: 289-292

Jörg Frey, Theology and History in the Fourth Gospel. Tradition and Narration [pdf]

Predrag Dragutinović

pages: 292-295

О. Василиос Термос, У потрази за личношћу. „Истинито“ и „лажно сопство“ према Доналду Виникоту и Св. Григорију Палами [pdf]

Драгана Ракић

pages: 295-299

Drew W. Billings, Acts of the Apostles and the Rhetoric of Roman Imperialism [pdf]

Milan Kostrešević

pages: 300-303

Gudrun Holtz, Die Nichtigkeit des Menschen und die Übermacht Gottes: Studien zur Gottesund Selbsterkenntnis bei Paulus, Philo und in der Stoa [pdf]

Milan Kostrešević

pages: 304-307

Thomas H. McCall, An Invitation to analytic Christian Theology [pdf]

Vukoman Milenкović

pages: 307-309

Исправка година излажења ранијих бројева Теолошких погледа [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 310-311

Corrections regarding Previous Volumes of Theological Views [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 312-313

Упутство ауторима [pdf]

pages: 314-317

Упутство рецензентима [pdf]

pages: 317-318

Етички и научни стандарди [pdf]

page: 318

Short Guide for Authors [pdf]

pages: 319-320

Peer Reviewer Instructions [pdf]

page: 321

Ethical and Scientific Standards [pdf]

page: 322