Petar Bogdanoviæ

Physical Activity and Tradition of the Church

pages: 763-778


The need for physical education in secondary schools is both civilisational and social norm. The normative character rests on the scientifically proven benefits for biopsychosocial development, health, and social life, but as well on the fact that the need for physical activity is absolutely inherent in human nature. Being engaged in physical activity, especially for the purpose of physical health, has always been part of the ascetic tradition of the Church. However, there occasionally emerged teachings, unknown to the original tradition, which regarded ascetic virtue as struggle against body and physicality. Pointing out to the Eucharistic regard for the body as the gift of God, in this paper I will attempt to show that there is actual and imperative need for the students at Orthodox Seminaries to be provided with Physical Education classes, bearing in mind the modern way of living in which spending time in front of the computer and in a sedentary position is predominant.




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