Volume LII (2019), Issue 3

Τοῦ ταπεινοῦ Ῥωμανοῦ κοντάκιον εἰς τὴν Σαμαρείτιδα [pdf]

Смирени Роман

translated by: Vesna O. Marković

pages: 521-544

Greek Translation of the Jewish Scriptures [pdf]

Ljiljana Jovanović

pages: 545-554

“Lazarus, come out!”: Exegetical-Homiletic Reflections on the Overcoming of Death in John 11, 1–46 [pdf]

Bogdan Lubardić

pages: 555-578

The Poet as Interpreter of the Scripture: Biblical Allusions in T. S. Eliot’s Poetry [pdf]

Fiva Savković

pages: 579-600

Who were the Therapeuts in Philo’s De Vita Contemplativa? [pdf]

Aleksandar Đakovac

pages: 601-618

The Relation Between Popes (Adrian I and Leo III) and Charles the Great – Primate Issue [pdf]

Miloš Mišković

pages: 619-638

The First Homily of St. Archbishop of Constantinople Photius due to the Attack of Russians [pdf]

Radomir V. Popović

pages: 639-660

Jubilee of Monumenta Germaniae Historica (1819–2019) – the Edition of Sources for the History of Western Europe in the Middle Ages [pdf]

Ivica Čairović

pages: 661-676

A Contribution to the Study of Life and Work of Bishop Nicholai Velimirović: Correspondence with Robert H. Gardiner [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 677-710

Roman Catholic Church and Human Rights [pdf]

Zoran Devrnja

pages: 711-736

The Problem of Atheism in the Christian Philosophy of Nikolai Berdyaev [pdf]

Nenad D. Plavšić

pages: 737-762

Physical Activity and Tradition of the Church [pdf]

Petar Bogdanoviæ

pages: 763-778

Testimonies of Necrologies [pdf]

Ljiljana Bašić

pages: 779-800

“Svetosavlje” in the Work of St Bishop Nicholai Velimirović [pdf]

Goran Radenković

pages: 801-804

Мисионарска, интелектуална и културна делатност великодостојника Римокатоличке Цркве [pdf]

Marija Živković

pages: 805-810

Улрих Луц, Матејева прича о Исусу [pdf]

Dušan Mitrović

pages: 810-815