Lazar Ljubić

Venerable Gregory of Vojlovica Sinaite

pages: 417-442


This text is devoted to venerable Gregory the Sinaite of Vojlovica. The motif for this is hagiologic and it is reflected in the need to explore saintly side of Gregory’s personality, and to remove existing suspicions, all of that in context of his canonisation by the church. Starting with scarce and undisclosed historical sources and facts, that cannot be easily validated, we are going to access archaeological and anthropological way of exploring this topic which will prove to be very vital. We will also bring about collected texts relevant for this topic. The importance of this effort can be seen in its answer to questions asked many times: who is Gregory the Sinaite whose relics (remains) are in Vojlovica? Is he the same Gregory Sinaite whose relics (remains) are in Gornjak? This is a multidisciplinary text which is in its entirety devoted to this topic and it corroborates renewed celebration of God’s benefactor Gregory, which would imply hagiographic, iconographic and hymnographic elements.




271.2-36:929 Григорије Војловички Синаит


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