Aleksandar Resimić

Some Contemporary Attempts to Restore the Gallican Liturgy: The History of the Gallican Liturgy and its Reconstruction – A Review –

pages: 401-416


The interest in the particularities of the non- Roman Latin liturgies, especially the one practiced in Gaul before the Carolingian reform, had led to the restoration of the Gallican Liturgy by certain history and liturgy enthusiasts of this period. Eugraph Kovalevsky, a priest who became a bishop, was among them, he restored and then reintroduced this Liturgy in the ECOF. This restored Liturgy had been questioned many times because of the way it has been restored. A question could be asked about the usefulness of such a project, a restoration of the Gallican Liturgy, because other liturgical types had been developed in the West, typical for this region. Without taking sides regarding the method of this restoration, this work aims to expound the history of the Gallican Liturgy according to the sources available today, and also to point at the authority which could remove and reintroduce a certain Liturgy and at the purpose of doing so.






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