Branislav Ivić

Тhe Reception of the Book of Zechariah in the New Testament: Quotations in the Gospels

pages: 323-338


The article tends to show the reception of the Book of the Zechariah in the canonical Gospels. There are four quotations from the Book of Zechariah in the Gospels. Namely, (1) Zech. 9:9 is quoted in Mt. 21:5 and also in Jn. 12:15. (2) Zech. 11:12–13 occurs in Mt. 27:9–10 and (3) Zech. 12:10 in Jn. 19:36, which is a peculiar crux interpretatum because of emendations in relating to the Masoretic Text. Finally, (4) Zech. 13:7 is quoted in Mt. 26:31 and Mk. 14:27. It is very important to point out that mentioned New Testament quotations show various degrees of usage of the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint recpectively.






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