Dragan Karan

Historical development of Pastoral Theology in the Germanophone Countries of the West

pages: 157-172


Contemporary Orthodox theology still suffers from the significant lack of knowledge of the historical development of the Pastoral theology in the West, inspite of the fact that considerable efforts have been made in the field of studies of the Western Roman Catholic theological thought. Many current practices concerned with pastoral activity within the Orthodox Church are influenced by already existing models and solutions imported from the West, without any awareness of either the historical context or the historical development of those imported practices and solutions. The academic discipline of Pastoral theology was founded in Austro- Hungarian Empire, within the Germanophone area that thus becomes the key territory for the development of fundamental historical concepts of Pastoral Theology as an academic discipline. By gaining the knowledge of the currents of theological thought in the field of Pastoral Theology, it can be argued that the Germanophone territories are a representative sample of the general currents in the field of Pastoral theology within the Roman Catholic Christendom.





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