Aleksandar Stamenković

The Role of the Government of the Kingdom of SHS in process of passing of the Statute of Serbian Orthodox Church

pages: 127-156


In the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, certain state’s activities caused apperance of ecclesiological inconsistencies: introduction of principles of delegation of laity for govern in Church, overstated role of laity in area of church government and questioning of hierarchy gift to govern the Church. That inconsistencies reflected on process of genesis of The Statute of Serbian Orthodox Church. Ministers tried to impose a sort of delegation system of laity in church order by means of state’s regulations and to achieve theirs aims under aegis of democratic voting. In that way canonic order of church services was disorganized, because democratic principles, although they are achievements and ideals of human society, aren’t applicable on Church due to the fact that it isn’t ordinary human society but the icon of God’s Kingdom. In the second part of this paper we elaborate on fact that genesis of The Statute of Serbian Orthodox Church was supposed to be another attempt of codification of canons. At the end, in the shortest thesises, we present review of statutes of others Local Ortodox Churches.







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