Nemanja S. Mrđenović

Saint Sava Church in Vrbovljani: Heir of Monastery Dejanovac – Guardian of Faith and People

pages: 111-126


The article addresses the history of the Church of Saint Sava in Vrbovljani (pron. Vrbovlyani), Diocese of Pakrac and Slavonia, and its pre-history through the lesser- known Serbian Orthodox monastery Dejanovac (pron. Deyanovatz). Vrbovljani were much older than the monastery, evident from the Templar/ Turkish cemetery in the village. With the establishment of monastery Dejanovac, probably in the second part of XVI century, Vrbovljani became a part of a larger settlement called Dejanovci. Throughout the liturgical life of the monastery, Vrbovljani were the principal location and eventually succeeded some physical property of the monastery as well as its liturgical life, after the monastery was forcefully closed in 1757. Even though some researchers doubt the very existence of this monastery, this paper offers evidence not only that the monastery existed and had a significant role in the public and religious life of Serbs in this area, but also that its liturgical life continued through the Saint Sava Church until today.





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