Miloš Mišković

The First Mission of Anglo- Saxon Monks (Wilfrid, Wilibrord) as Succession of Augustine’s Mission in Britain

pages: 57-74


This paper has a assignment to describe missionary project of Augustine’s mission in Britain and first mission of Anglo- Saxon monks in Western Europe. It will be explored the dependence the mission from the help of Rome and relation with State authorities the country they preached. Pope Gregory the Great sent the mission in Britain to preach the gospel to Anglo- Saxon tribes. The mission was dependent from the state authorities; without their permission to preach, the mission had no success. Augustine and his successors succeeded to build new Church organization dependent from Rome. One century later, Anglo- Saxon monks come to the Western Europe to preach the gospel to the German tribes. They follow Augustine’s example in preaching and forming the church organization in Western Europe only Anglo- Saxon monks did not have language barriers because their language was similar to languages of German tribes in Western Europe.




27-36:929 Вилиброрд, свети



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