Petar Đ. Rajčević

Educational Value of Catechism as Theological Genre and Compulsory Textbook for Primary Schools in Serbia (1757–1882)

pages: 173-188


Developing course of scientific thought, in all cultures and civilizations, started from conceptions of religion and theological beliefs. This rule applies to Serbian people as well. In the periods of symphony (respect) in relations between church and state, primarily in the Middle Ages, there was a rise of considerable results in the various fields of social life. In the times ofdisharmony between them such results were missing and often caused frequent sufferings of ordinary people. While scientific theories founded on different bases and needs of temporal authorities and as such were undergoing many changes, religious theories have had a continuity measured by thousand years. While world knowledge comes and goes, and changes, goodness and other human virtues, on the other hand, present constant, eternal values. Taking into account man’s need for both knowledge and goodness in order to be well balanced and harmonious, there is a need for nourishing of religious contents. To that end textbooks for catechism – special types of textbooks for religion (bible study) were created. The paper also considers their educational values in craving child’s personality, and their elevation to virtue. Apart from the notes on the creation of the first catechesed and a shor survey of their first developing course in Europe, special emphasis is put on the consideration of catechesis content in Serbia, with a stress on particular details. Educational values of catechesis conter by Kiril Živković, 1757 (a manuscript variant) and archimandrite Gavrilo Popović, 1848 (in printed form) are more pronounced.







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