Volume LII (2019), Issue 1

Кондак о свадби у Кану (смиренога Романа песма) [pdf]

translated by: Vesna O. Marković

pages: 9-26

“Save Me From the Impurity of My Deeds…” [pdf]

Vesna O. Marković

pages: 27-56

The First Mission of Anglo- Saxon Monks (Wilfrid, Wilibrord) as Succession of Augustine’s Mission in Britain [pdf]

Miloš Mišković

pages: 57-74

Robert of Arbrissel and the Order of Fontevrault – A Short Insight [pdf]

Miroslav М. Popović

pages: 75-82

Some Contemporay Attempts of Restorat ion of the Galician Liturgy: History of ECOF – A Review – [pdf]

Aleksandar Resimić

pages: 83-98

The Ninth Assembly of the World Council of Churches – Porto Alegre 2006 [pdf]

Radivoje Simić

pages: 99-110

Saint Sava Church in Vrbovljani: Heir of Monastery Dejanovac – Guardian of Faith and People [pdf]

Nemanja S. Mrđenović

pages: 111-126

The Role of the Government of the Kingdom of SHS in process of passing of the Statute of Serbian Orthodox Church [pdf]

Aleksandar Stamenković

pages: 127-156

Historical development of Pastoral Theology in the Germanophone Countries of the West [pdf]

Dragan Karan

pages: 157-172

Educational Value of Catechism as Theological Genre and Compulsory Textbook for Primary Schools in Serbia (1757–1882) [pdf]

Petar Đ. Rajčević

pages: 173-188

The Notion of Infinity and Principle of Sufficient Reason Regarding Cosmological Argument [pdf]

Siniša Simić

pages: 189-206

Martyric Character of Ecclesiastical Art from the Perspective Painting of the Church of the Holy Great Martyr Marina in Livno [pdf]

Goran M. Janićijević

pages: 207-228

The Bibliography of Professor Dimitrije Stefanović [pdf]

Процеси, трендови, домети и границе религијских промена у савременом свету [pdf]

Васељенски трон и Украјинска аутокефалија – половична сведочанства и интерпретација докумената [pdf]

Над песничком збирком Извор на длану Миодрага Д. Игњатовића [pdf]

Radmila Grujić

pages: 274-278

Старокатоличка Црква – историја и садашњост [pdf]