Zoran Devrnja

Shaping the Theology of Human Rights in the Theological System of Reformed Churches

pages: 413-430


As a specific, and historically and socially determined theological discipline, the theology of human rights has emerged in the context of the theological and doctrinal statements of Reformed Churches. Karl Barth and Jürgen Moltmann, as the most prominent protestant theologians of the 20th century, made the most significant contribution in shaping it. After а certain time, the Reformed theological concept of human rights, beside many specifics and obvious lacks (latent millennialism), has become а developed theological system with emphasized social implications and political impact. From the time of proclaiming the Declaration of human rights by the World Association of Reformed Churches in 1976, the theological concept of human rights become the part of the mission and of the process of promoting the evangelical message of that Christian denomination.





274–1 Барт К.

274–1 Молтман Ј.

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