Milan Kostrešević

The Description of Cain in Philo's Interpretation of Genesis

pages: 219-232


The Corpus of Philon’s works relating to the interpretation of the Genesis contains, among other things, a noticeable interest in Cain’s character and work. Interpreting excerpts from the Genesis in his works Quod Deterius Potiori Insidari Soleat, De Cherubim, De Sacrificiis Abelis et Caini and De Posteritate Caini Philo describes Cain from several angles, which, due to the lack of divine light, remains separate from the original principle of good. This paper is a concise overview of Philo’s descriptions and comparison of Cain with historical figures, philosophical directions, psychological states. Special attention is given to the dialectics between narcissistic Cain (φίλαυτος) and his self-love, and Abel, whom Filon describes as φιλόθεος.




26-1 Филон Александријски



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