Nikola Z. Popović

Clerical and monastic tonsure from Eastern Church sources in the first millenium

pages: 105-124


In order to make a general assumption regarding differences in appearance between the monastic and clerical tonsure, we should always rely on the whole tradition of the Church, not only on its individual segments. Sources in the Church’s Tradition that mention tonsure can be found in the introduction that describe hair style in the Old Testament- rabbinical and Greco- Roman world. The Bible sources are the foundation on which the heritage of the Greco- Roman society are later upgraded. So then we have sources in the Church Tradition, in the form of written sources, iconography and illuminated manuscripts. Sources in the Church Tradition from this period are scarce for some kind of a foregone conclusion, but they are enough to bring forward a precondition for any further analysis and research.






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