Radomir Popović

The Beginnings of Monasticism in the Holy Land

pages: 77-88


In the theological and historical science it was accepted that the cradle of early monasticism was Egypt and its deserts. Among other things, due to favourable geo-climatic conditions there, according to historical data, in the early 3rd century, there were more monastic settlements, which as such became a model and an example for the next monasteries throughout the Christian universe, in the East and in the West. Many Christian believers come and get to know ascetism and spirituality from the first monks and ascets. Returning to their homeland, they transmitted the spiritual experience that they saw and experienced in the deserts. First from Egypt, monasticism expands and grabs the deep roots of the Sinai Peninsula as a biblical toponym that has also become attractive to monks. From here, the soonto- be-organized lifestyleof the monk-ascets is also transmitted in the Christian World. In the article, there is an overview of Palestinian monks from the oldest known names. In the research, we can see from these few remarks that the Palestinian monasticism was very much in the course of all dogmatic disputes in the Church of the East, which are related to the two greatest Christological heresies – nestorianism and monophysitism.





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