Bojan Đokić

Serbian Orthodox Church on Interethnic Relations in Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo in the Period 1981–1985.

pages: 115-148


Change in the editorial policy of the magazine Orthodoxy in 1982 made it possible to be visible the public stance Serbian Orthodox Church on inter- ethnic relations and the overall situation in SAP Kosovo. The undercover stance was visible since 1981. Public attitude and active participation SOC because of the vulnerability of the church and its believers in SAP Kosovo were visible from 1982 to 1985 and became bolder, more direct, more open and more obvious.

In terms of the church public from 1982 to 1985, it was pointed out the inefficiency of the competent authorities in the SAP Kosovo to protect the SOC and its believers. For the difficult situation in interethnic relations SOC accused the extreme ethnic Albanians and the part of government in SAP Kosovo. Pointed to the lengthy difficult position SOC and its believers in SAP Kosovo, which has resulted in the eviction of persons of Serbian and Montenegrin nationality. Constant pressure, property damage and attacks on SOC and its believers were reflected in the inter- ethnic relations in SAP Kosovo in the study period. Direct and daring in statements were the priests and monks, while the SOC itself should act cautiously and wisely and was tried to numerous complaints to the competent authorities to protect themselves and their worshipers in SAP Kosovo.






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