Nemanja Cvitkovac

Religious policy of Stefan Dragutin Nemanjić in the light of Serbian and Croatian historiography

pages: 101-114


This paper analyzes the attitudes of Serbian and Croatian scientific historiography from XIX century until present days, regarding the Serbian King Stefan Dragutin’s religious policy. For about 150 years, in which these two historiographieshave been dealing with the personality of Stefan Dragutin, judgments on these issues were given within uneven number of references. Majority of those references were provided by Serbian authors. Altogether, there are a few dozen scientific papers of unequal value which with more or less attention treated the theme of our work. Dragutin’s religious policy is most perceived through its relation towards three main segments: heresy, Orthodoxy and Catholicism. The most interesting issue that is occupying the attention of Serbian and Croatian historians is the last one, because it raises the question of Dragutin’s potential transit in the Roman Catholic faith. It must be noted that contemporary serbian historiography is approaching this issue with more attention, which has resulted in a better explanation of the problem and more complete works. On the other hand, considering Dragutin’s move towards the Roman Catholic faith, Croatian historiography is showing a small degree of criticism and its arguments are in a complet disproportion to the claims. It is also very symptomatic that since XIX c. Croatian historigraphy is observing Dragutin as a Catholic until today, even though some of the historical sources, undoubtedly in favor of his belonging to the orthodoxy church, which are well known for over a centrury and a half, are being completelly ignored. The most of the conclusions of the nineteenth century historiography, which dealt with his attitude towards heresy and Orthodoxy are valid until today and essentially did not encountered serious reviews apart from a few details. In most cases Dragutin’s zeal in favor of the Orthodox church and the Christian faith, together with the fight against heresy is recognized. By objective examination of the scientific literature, one comes to the same conclusion.




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