Momchilo Zeravcich

Archimandrite Ilarion Ruvarac and his significance for the research of the political and cultural history of the Serbs

pages: 179-207


Ilarion (Yovan) Ruvarac, historian was born on 1st September 1832 at Sremska Mitrovica, and died on 8th August 1905 in Monastery Grgeteg, Syrmium). He spent his childhood at Stari Slankamen and Stari Banovci. The first six classes of the High School he attended at Sremski Karlovtsy, and the last two in Vienna. It was in this city that he studied history and law. During his studies he made research work in libraries, where he especially got an iisight into the criticism of the sources and comparative studies of the national tradition. From Vienna he went to Karlovtsy to study theology (finished in 1859). Being a student of the- olog he poubli'shed his two excellent studies in the periodical »Sedmica« (Week): An Outline of Domestic Sources of the Old Serbian History (1856) and A Contribution to the Study of the Serbian Heroic Poems (1857). These both were republished in 1884 under the title »Tvo Student Treatises«.





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