Velimir Arsich

Ethics and aesthetics

pages: 153-164


Speaking on ethich and aesthetics (morales and arts), the author first of all gives a definition of the aesthetical, beautiful, art. The art, which is the realization of the beautiful by man, has not its origin only in the „instinct for a play« (Schiller), nor only in the sexual life (philosophy of evolutionism). It has its origin in the religion, but also man's social background and his inner psychic personal life have an influence upon it. However, neither sociology nor psychology alone, nor both of them taken together, are able to comprehend and solve properly the question of the beautiful and of art. The beautiful and art have their ontologiical character, and they exst as something objectively.

Aesthetics has also to study the ontological or metaphisical source of the beautifal and art, and it is here that etieh helps it. For this reason, the problem of relationship between ethics and aesthetics, morals and arts, is always important and relevant for each society.

The author furether indicates the error of the opinion which identifies aesh hetich and ethics (»idealistic« theory), or of the opinion that between them there is no link whatsoever (»realistik« theory). He shows a close link between ethics and aesthetics as well as the dependance of aesthetics from ethics, arts from morals. Such is also the Shristian understanding of their relation, which the author also sets forth.

In the conclusion the author underlines that the problem of the relation between ethics and aesthetics is a common problem of each social community and an individual problem of each person in that community.





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