Žarko Đ. Gavrilović

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Dostoevsky's birth

pages: 279-295


Together with S. A. Kierkegaard Dostoevsky is reckognized as a forerunner of the »dialectical theology«, which stesses the importance of freedom in the mystery of salvation. Salvation is the gift of God to »the despized and humilated«. Dostoevsky was always facing the problem of God and the problem of man. The gratest heroes of his novels are confronted with God. Their utterances, occasionally, sound prophetic. The main issue was: loving submission for the divine Christ or passionate self-assertion of Man, who wants to take place of God.

Atheism, according to Dostoevsky, means not only fight against God but also against man.

Both the utopistic socialism and the Great Inquisitor envisige man merely as a »hungry beast«, which one can tame only by copious earthly food. In the night- -mare of this world only the saints are bringing hope and fighting evil by their sacrificial love: elder Zosim, Alyosha, monks, fasters...

With the course of time the message of Dostoevsky is becoming more meaningful.





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