Dr. Lazar Milin

A theological view on a marxist text — book on religion

pages: 85-97


In this article the author presents his observations he made in reference to the book of Dr. Vuko Pavićevich, Professor at the University of Belgrade, under the title »Sociology of Religion«.

That was the first dialogue between Marxsists and Christian theologians in Belgrade held on 14th of April, 1971. Having recognized scientific value of Pavićevichćs book as well as the polite non-insistence on quoting from Marxist philosophers, L. Milin sets forth the points in which he completely agrees with Pavićevich, in which he partially agrees with him, and finally the points in which he completely disagrees with the author.

To the first group belong the following points: 1) definition of religion, 2) religion as a psychic experience, 3) notion of the Absolute, 4) faith is not noncensical, 5) religion is no opium for the people, 6) revolutionary character of Christ's teaching, 7) sociology is not an exact, science, 8) notion of sectarianism, secularism and pecular sociology of the Roamn Catholic Church.

To the second group belong the following themes: 1) elements of religion, 2) religion and ethics, 3) religion and magics, 5) types of religions, 5) criticism of the Roman Catholic sociology.

To the third group belong the following themes, 1) equality of the Christians with the Apostles, 2) holy mysteries (sacraments), 3) Communion and madication of the totems, 4) dogma of the Holy Trinity, 5) cult of the saints and their relics, 6) intolerant attitute of Christ, 7) immaculate conception of the Mother of God, 8) original state of man and consequences of the original Fall of Adam and Eve, 9) proofs of the existence of God.





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